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Hi, nice meeting you, welcome to Quantdoge Publications by Quantdoge!

I'm a Web 3.0 data scientist who has a great interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain. I am an investor of different crypto projects and I approach cryptocurrency investing using data science.

I am creating this newsletter to present you detailed insights on different crypto projects based on both on-chain and off-chain data that I have collected and analysed in real-time.

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Why should you subscribe to my newsletter?

1. It's free!

2. You get to know the latest news and project updates of all hot crypto coins out there summarized for you weekly.

3. You get to access detailed crypto insights backed by real-time infographics of different blockchains and DApps, saving you the time and costs that would otherwise needed in collecting and processing data individually. ‌‌

What could you expect from my newsletter?

For each of the different cryptos covered under my research, you would receive a detailed research report that covers on the following :

- Summary of project updates and news

- Technical analysis

- Risk analytics

- Social media analytics

- Popularity trned based on search engine score

- Developer activities based on GitHub history

- Latest trader's sentiment based on data collected from futures exchanges

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